Experience the power of a power hour


Join your fellow Scrimsters in the #⚡️powerhour Discord channel for productive study session.


Sessions are 3 hours apart, and last for 1 hour. We are adjusting them to fit the community, so stop by the Discord server to see when the next one starts!


  • The #⚡️powerhour channel closes outside these hours
  • You'll get the best results if you share your screen - this way, you'll feel awkward if you, for example, procrastinate on Reddit 🐨
  • You can share your webcam, but you don't have to
  • We recommend you post a summary of what you'll be working on in the #⚡️powerhour-chat channel - this way, other people can learn what you're working on and can show their genuine interest

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How to join

Power hours take place in the Scrimba Discord server, which you, too, can join here!


Remember to share your screen using this button,


Turn your webcam on if you want, too.

What should I do during the power hour?

Not every hour of the day needs “productive“ - in fact, quite the opposite. You just need to start with one. One distraction-free, highly focused hour where you work on an important task that moves you forward 💨

  • You could watch a Scrimba module,
  • write a technical post,
  • or build a project for your portfolio

Whatever you decide, show up every weekday for a month, and you'll be shocked at how much progress you make 🤯

Turn off Discord noises

When someone connects to a channel on Discord, Discord plays a notification sound. It's kind of distracting, especially when you want to focus 🤔

To disable the sounds, first, go to User Settings


Then, Notifications then turn off sounds for User Join, User Leave, Viewer Join, and Viewer Leave