How to Power Hour

Power Hours happen twice a day and take place in the Scrimba Discord sever.

If you're not yet familiar with Discord, don't worry! By the end of this tutorial, you'll be an active member of the community.

When do power hours happen?

Power Hours happen x4 a day,

  • 11am-midday CEST / 5am-6am EDT
  • 3pm-4pm CEST / 9am-10am EDT
  • 5pm-6pm CEST / 11am-midday EDT
  • 11pm-midnight CEST / 5pm-6pm EDT

Join the Scrima Discord

First, you'll need a Discord account. But wait... Isn't Discord for gamers?

Yes, it's true! Discord started as a place for gamers to talk and hang-out but nowadays, it's an excellent community platform and one we use happily at Scrimba.

Download Discord to your desktop here and make an account. It takes but a few minutes.

Next, click

This link will redirect you to a Discord page to join the Scrimba community.

When promoted, click Accept invite:


The desktop app should open.

Join Power Hour

Power Hours happen in the ⚡️powerhour voice/video channel

There's also a channel called ⚡️powerhhour-chat where you can share what you're working on, ask questions about the Power Hour, and more:


It's important to remember, the #⚡️powerhour voice/video channel is closed most of the time. It only opens at the times mentioned above. Precisely one hour later, the channel is closed and all members are disconnected. For this reason, it's important you show up on time to get the most from the power hour.

I reccomend you go to the roles channel and respond with the ⚡️ emoji:


Now you'll receive a notification one hour before the power hour, and another when it's starting.

To join the channel, click it:


To share your screen, click this button then choose your monitor:


I recommend you share your whole monitor instead of just an application window. If you need to load something private, you can temporarily stop sharing then resume.

To share your webcam, click this button:

Turn off sounds

When someone connects to a channel on Discord, Discord plays a notification sound. It's kind of distracting, especially when you want to focus 🤔

To disable the sounds, first, go to User Settings


Then, Notifications then turn off sounds for User Join, User Join, Viewer Join, and Viewer Leave