Scrimba community values


In the Scrimba community, we are all working on common goals, whether that is to find a developer job, start freelancing, start a software-based business, or something else involving code.

When we share our journey and support one another in Discord, we all have a better chance of achieving these common goals 🎉

Our community values guide us towards actions we think make our community better for everyone, and we encourage you to embody them:

  • Give to get. Doll out compliments, help others where you can, and remember to warmly welcome other new members as they post in the #👋introduce-yourself channel. It will come back to you in a good way, we promise.
  • Share your journey. Share your goals, progress, successes and - most importantly - failures. Learning to code is challenging. On the good days, you will inspire others. On the bad ones, others will inspire you!
  • Show your real name and photo. Some people think about Scrimba like a courses website, but really we are a school! School is where we meet new friends and make professional connections for life. To support this, we encourage you to use your real name (or real-sounding pseudonym) and a lifelike photo. It makes the community feel warmer, and now you have a much better chance of befriending members across Scrimba events and social media (especially LinkedIn and Twitter).

We encourage you to embody these values, but these are not rules - we do not enforce them. Our Code of Conduct is another matter!

Code of Conduct

It's only possible, for example, to use your real photo as an avatar when you feel safe and welcome.

That is why we also have a Code of Conduct which is strictly enforced.

It basically amounts to "be nice," and anyone who misbehaves is banned from the server.

Look out for Community Heros

Any member who exemplifies one or all of these values is awarded the Community Hero role on Discord. You can recognise Community Heros by their helpful nature and orange username:


Next steps

If you are brand new to Discord, you can read about what Discord is and how to install it.

After that, you should read this page on getting started in the Scrimba Discord.