Pair up with a likeminded peer

Meet someone just as keen, interested, and amazing as yourself to connect with on the regular! No leaders. No teachers. Just you and your fellow students working on modules/projects and helping each other get unstuck.

1) Getting started

Study-buddies meet on Discord, so if you haven't already joined us in the chat, see here:

How to join the Scrimba Discord

Once you're all set up, you can check out the #study-buddy channel and click the ✅ on the message there to unlock the #need-a-buddy channel.

2) Share your bio

When you have unlocked the #need-a-buddy Discord channel, the first step is to share your bio. This is a quick note that all messages must contain at least the following information:

Name: Jane Smith
Location: Berlin, Germany
Weekly call wanted: Mondays at 4pm CET
Current Module: 7 Working with APIs
How much I study: 2 hours per day
Expected duration: 2 months

... But feel free to add as much personality as you like!

3) Respond to other bios

Scroll up and see if someone else's bio appeals to you. If it looks like a good fit, send them a polite message! You can message them directly or respond in the same channel. Having already posted your own bio, the person you're messaging can get a sense for what you're interested in.

4) Next steps

We recommend you connect regularly, but at least at the beginning of each week. We also recommend you share what you want to work on and achieve this week, what you are struggling with, and what you would like advice on.