How to earn karma points

In the Scrimba Discord, you earn 1 karma whenever someone reacts to your message with the 💜 emoji.

Want to see how much karma you have? Type /karma in any channel.

Want to see the top leaderboard? Type /leaderboard in any channel.

Earn 250 karma points, and you can exchange them for an exclusive (and ultra soft) Scrimba hoodie. Just click here once you've earned the necessary points. More rewards, unlocks and benefits are coming soon!


In the Scrimba community, we believe in helping one another, even when we only know a little more than the person behind us. We also want to recognize and encourage our most helpful community members who earn enough karma.

You cannot react to your own messages 😉 but if you focus on writing great answers, the points will flow in. You're also welcome to remind people to 💜 your answer if they found it acceptable.

It is only the first 💜 from user A to user B that is counted, per day, to avoid "gaming the system". Each new day is a new opportunity to help and be helped.

Remember! If you see someone write a great answer, it makes a big difference to them when you add that first 💜 so others can easily react with just 1 click. The more people who see the karma system in action, the more karma will flow! That's more karma for you and a better chance at conquering the monthly leaderboard or earning an exclusive hoodie.

Our Community Heros keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour so beware!