Scrimba Events

Scrimba is not just about tutorials, it's a community! That's why we host daily events to help you to make connections and improve your skills:

Here's a look at what's on offer:

Monday - EITHER 🎥The Weekly Web Dev Show: A round-up of the latest Weekly Web Dev Challenge solutions, a vote for the winner 🏆and the premiere of the new challenge!

OR 😃Weekly Community MeetupChat to the Scrimba team and special guests including Scrimba students who have landed web dev roles! We also have straw polls and breakout rooms to help you share your opinion and make friends.

Tuesday - 🔥Fireside Chat: Come chill around the "campfire" with Scrimba and friends over on Discord. Here, we spread ideas to help you become a well-rounded, hireable developer.

Wednesday - 🤩Ask an Expert live stream: Every week, we chat to a guest who we think will give you valuable advice to accelerate your coding career. Topics include job hunt tips, code help, inspiring stories, and more!

Thursday - 🪐Twitter Space: We hop over to Twitter to talk about a variety of topics to help you on your way to tech success!

Friday - 🧑‍💻Live-code with Us: A live-coding free-for-all, in which Scrimba team members Leanne, Michael and, most importantly, Pumpkin and Kitty the cats solve the latest Weekly Web Dev Challenge with help from Scrimba students like you!